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Medieval Law Firm is a comprehensive and partnership law firm approved by the Municipal Judicial Bureau. Its office is located on the 19th floor of A5, Asia-Pacific Valley, No. 1 Asia-Pacific Road, Nanan District, Chongqing (beside Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center). Since its establishment in January 2003, it has been adhering to the office concept of "honesty, pragmatism, cooperation and service", relying on the strong and energetic lawyer team, committed to creating a good performance and social reputation in the lawyer industry in Chongqing for a long time. At present, 20 lawyers have graduated from Southwest University of Politics and Law, China University of Politics and Law, Fudan University and other well-known law schools. They have bachelor's and master's degrees in law. Some lawyers also have professional degrees in finance, securities, construction, real estate, enterprise management, medicine and news media. Under the mode of partnership system, our institute carries out the management of "corporatization"; in the aspect of system construction, we constantly seek innovation, and have successively introduced the working system of the main coordination lawyer group, the supervision system of case quality, the system of simulated debates before the court, the system of collective discussion of typical cases, and the system of regular training and learning, etc., in order to strive for multi-channel and all-sided development. Position ensures lawyer's professional accomplishment and case handling quality. The main business orientation of our institute is to provide comprehensive legal services for our customers, especially perennial legal advisory services. Comprehensive legal services cover civil, criminal, administrative litigation, arbitration cases, intellectual property rights, construction and real estate, financial securities, industry and commerce, corporate asset restructuring, bankruptcy and mergers and acquisitions, government consultants, community services and other broad areas. At present, our institute has worked with Chongqing Agricultural Commission, Dadukou District People's Government, South Bank, etc. District Economic Committee, Chongqing Radio and Television Group (Head Station) Advertising Business Center, Yangtze River Chongqing Channel Bureau, Chongqing Planning Exhibition Hall, Nanan District Land Renovation Reserve Center, Chongqing Satellite Television Case-shooting Column, Chongqing 12355 Youth Service Station, Chongqing Valuing Media Co., Ltd., Chongqing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Chongqing Branch of Beijing Urban Construction Group II, Chongqing Ronghuang Power Generation Co., Ltd. of Huaneng Group, State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. of Jiangbei District of Chongqing, Chongqing Agricultural Guarantee Co., Ltd., General Chamber of Commerce of Yuzhong District, Chongqing Agricultural Industrialization Association and more than 30 government agencies, enterprises, institutions and associations The organization has established a perennial partnership of legal advisers. While expanding its legal service business, the Institute has also been committed to social public welfare undertakings. It has long provided legal services to vulnerable social groups, especially minors. In early 2003, it became the designated legal advisory service institution of Chongqing Satellite Television's "Film the Case" column. So far, it has provided legal advice to thousands of people. Service. Since its establishment, it has been enthusiastic to donate money to relieve disasters and help students. After the May 12 earthquake in 2008, besides spontaneously and enthusiastically donating money to the people of the disaster-stricken areas, the lawyers of the whole institute have also drawn a number of competent lawyers to participate in the first "disaster-stricken areas legal aid service group" in other provinces and cities in China. Director Kong Xiangbin personally led four lawyers to drive hundreds of kilometers. In the disaster-stricken areas, seven days of free legal aid activities were carried out. They went to Chengdu, Dujiangyan, Mianzhu, Mianyang, Beichuan, Anxian, Shuangliu, Deyang, Chongzhou, Shifang and other disaster-stricken areas to solve legal problems for the masses of many disaster-stricken areas. They were widely praised by the people of the disaster-stricken areas and were awarded "Advanced Earthquake Relief Collection" by the Ministry of Justice. The honorary title of body. As a result of outstanding achievements, in September 2006, I was praised by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Central Comprehensive Administration Office and the Ministry of Justice as "National Excellent Youth Rights Defense Gang". Since then, I was awarded "Excellent Youth Rights Defense Gang" by the League Municipal Committee. In September 2007, I was awarded "Chongqing Excellent Law Firm" by the Municipal Judicial Bureau. Director Kong Xiangbin himself has been awarded the honorable titles of "Baiyou Lawyer practicing honesty in Chongqing City" and "Excellent Lawyer in Chongqing City". On May 4, 2008, Director Kong Xiangbin was awarded the 12th "Chongqing Youth May 4th Medal" and became the only lawyer in the legal service industry in Chongqing that year. In July 2011, Director Kong Xiangbin was selected as the "Fourth Top Ten Lawyers of Chongqing" by Chongqing Judicial Bureau and Chongqing Lawyers Association, and the Medieval Institute continued to be the "Excellent Law Firm of Chongqing".